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To educate, inspire, and grow today’s harpists; to serve as an educational and mentoring resource for students, alumni, and the harp community; and to assume a leadership role in establishing new programs, teaching methods, opportunities, and performances for harpists.

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Competition 2016

More InfoThe next Young Artist’s Harp Competition takes place July 6-8, 2016, just after the AHS National Conference in Atlanta. Click for repertoire and details. Watch this space for entry instructions.
YAHS is the preeminent training program for young harpists, offering programs for lever and pedal harpists ages 8-26. We offer two divisions: the core YAHS program is for intermediate to advanced pedal harpists; our Prep Division program is for beginning to intermediate lever or pedal harpists.
“An environment like YAHS is wonderful because it provides the opportunity for me to get to know not only the playing of each student, but the students themselves,” says Guest Artist Yolanda Kondonassis. She will give private lessons, masterclasses, workshops and a concert during her residency.
Will you be in the Rabun Gap area this July? Join us for one of our concert series or masterclass events open to the public.

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What Students Say…

Katherine Siochi
Katherine SiochiUndergraduate, Juilliard
“I attended YAHS for four summers so it’s hard to name all of the great experiences I had there. It was the perfect balance between hard work and fun, which was what kept me coming back! It was so valuable to gain both constructive criticism and encouragement from fellow students and from the faculty.”
Maggie O'Hare
Maggie O'HareHigh School Student
“The best part of the YAHS Prep program was being able to play the harp with other musicians. Having the opportunity to play with other kids my age was fantastic! I had never seen a stage full of harpists, and to be a part of such a performance was amazing. I highly recommend the camp to anyone who plays the harp and is probably practicing alone in their living room!”
Anna Odell
Anna OdellArtist Diploma, Curtis Institute of Music
“YAHS was such an incredible opportunity, and I’m so glad I got the chance to attend. I used to get so nervous before any performance, but all the wonderful opportunities at YAHS really helped me with that. The only way to get over performance nerves is to keep performing, and YAHS was definitely the way to do that!”
Yun Chai Lee
Yun Chai LeeRecent graduate, Juilliard Pre-College Program
YAHS definitely helped develop some of the quintessential skills that a harpist needs. Playing in a harp ensemble honed not only our musicianship but skills as a chamber musician. The comments from [the faculty] about technique and sound still resonate with me today, and I apply them to new repertoire that I learn.”
Bethany Wheeler
Bethany WheelerRecent graduate, Oberlin Conservatory of Music
“YAHS was very valuable to me in that it introduced me to so many of my peers—coming from the Eastern Iowa area, I could count on one hand the harp students of my age that lived near me, so attending YAHS and spending four weeks surrounded by students with similar talents and goals was an amazing and eye-opening experience.”