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Looking for a summer harp program? Join us this summer at Kenyon College!

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Would you like to help a young harpist attend the YAHS program? Please consider a donation to our scholarship fund. YAHS is a non-profit organization based in Georgia; your donation may be eligible for tax benefits.

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Have you ever wanted to know what Judy Loman likes to cook in her spare time? Well now you can! The Young Artist’s Harp Seminar Cookbook is full of over 120 recipes from YAHS faculty, guest artists, alumni, and friends. From salads to cakes, discover what your favorite harpists are preparing in their kitchens!

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What Students Say…

Karen Tay
Karen TayYAHS 2016; Singapore
“I really enjoyed performing in the various masterclasses and concerts and attending the various workshops that introduced us to many real things in life that concerns being a harpist.”
Ian Lim Xin Ze
Ian Lim Xin ZeYAHS 2016; Malaysia
“[My favorite memory is] all of the performances, both solo and ensemble. I used to be the one who tended to rush in an ensemble, but YAHS had fixed a lot of my problems in ensemble playing. As for solos, since YAHS allowed a number of opportunities for performance, this boosted up my confidence for the final solo showcase. “
Ava Crook
Ava CrookYAHS Prep 2015-16; Atlanta, Ga.
“I enjoyed getting to know other harpists from around the country. I learned a lot during private lessons and ensemble. Tubing down a stream and picnics at the lake were a lot of fun.”
Krista Hagglund
Krista HagglundYAHS 2015-16; Lake Villa, Ill.
“My favorite part of YAHS was the variety of performance opportunities. I enjoyed the numerous different types of performance experiences from masterclasses to audition preparation and everything in between. YAHS is perfect for developing essential performance skills as a harpist.”

Notable Alumni

Katherine Siochi
Katherine SiochiJuilliard; First Prize, USA International Harp Competition
“I attended YAHS for four summers so it’s hard to name all of the great experiences I had there. It was the perfect balance between hard work and fun, which was what kept me coming back! It was so valuable to gain both constructive criticism and encouragement from fellow students and from the faculty.”
Alyssa Katahara
Alyssa KataharaColburn School, Los Angeles; National Repertory Orchestra 2016
“YAHS fostered a nurturing environment, and having the opportunity to be surrounded by many gifted young harpists was inspiring. From a masterclass with Ms. Yolanda Kondonassis, ice cream shop stops, harp ensemble, river tubing, music theory, zip lining, mock auditions, and multiple performance opportunities, YAHS proved to provide a well rounded experience.”
Anna Odell
Anna OdellArtist Diploma graduate, Curtis Institute of Music
“YAHS was such an incredible opportunity, and I’m so glad I got the chance to attend. I used to get so nervous before any performance, but all the wonderful opportunities at YAHS really helped me with that. The only way to get over performance nerves is to keep performing, and YAHS was definitely the way to do that!”
Heloise Carlean Jones
Heloise Carlean JonesCurtis Institute of Music; Substitute with The Philadelphia Orchestra
“During my time at YAHS (or rather the three times I went!) I was able to develop skills through opportunities I hadn’t had access to before: I learnt so much about how to play orchestral excerpts, but also how to prepare for and play an audition; I was given many performance opportunities and advice on how to deal with stage fright; I was introduced to other kinds of harp playing, like jazz and improv. It was a great balance between learning how to play the instrument but also about the different aspects of a harpists’s career. I loved my time there, not only did I learn a lot, but I also had lots of fun, and met some wonderful people!”